Compass This module lets you access the built-in electronic compass. Before using, the compass should be calibrated, otherwise the readings may be wrong. Warning: Calibrating the compass will cause your program to pause until calibration is complete. Calibration consists of a little game to draw...

Accelerometer This object gives you access to the on-board accelerometer. The accelerometer also provides convenience functions for detecting gestures. The recognised gestures are: up, down, left, right, face up, face.

Buttons There are two buttons on the board, called button_a and button_b. Attributes button_a A Button instance representing the left button. button_b A Button instance representing the right button. Classes.

Here we show you how to create a custom image on the led matrix, we use the Mu editor [codesyntax lang="python"] from microbit import * im = Image('99999:90009:90009:90009:99999:') display.show(im) [/codesyntax] You can vary the brightness by changing the value of the digits from 0 -...
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