Arduino Code

The NXP® MMA8653FC 10-bit accelerometer has industry leading performance in a small DFN package. Packed with embedded functions that include: Flexible user-programmable options and two configurable interrupt pins Overall power savings through inertial wake-up interrupt signals that monitor events and remain in a low-power mode...

This is a common anode 4-digit tube display module which uses the TM1637 driver chip; Only 2 connections are required to control the 4-digit 8-segment displays Here is the module.

In this example we need to connect a TFT LCD to our Esplora, here is a picture of the TFT The code is a basic example, simply toggling between 2 background colours Code [codesyntax lang="cpp"] #include <TFT.h> #include <SPI.h>...
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